Vikash Sharma

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released guidelines for the introduction of courses based on Indian Heritage and Culture.

As per UGC, there will be short-term multi-tier credit-based modular programme with multiple entry and exit based on Indian heritage and culture to promote the interest of people from abroad to visit India. Based on the degree of learning outcomes and the rigour of the curricular structure of relevant disciplines, the course can be offered at three distinct levels- Introductory level, Intermediate level, and Advanced level.

Eligibility and Target Group

Persons from various countries having interests in Indian heritage and knowledge system and who enrolled in such specific courses for acquiring knowledge shall be eligible for admission.

Teaching- Learning Medium and Techniques

Faculty members of various Departments will be roped in to teach this kind of multi and trans-disciplinary programmes. The libraries, institutions and experts of the relevant disciplines are to be included in the excursion.

Programme Framework

Every programme shall be of 60 hrs duration that may be offered under flexible and hybrid (online/offline mode) mode. It is recommended to include discourse with learned educators (Acharyas), artists/artisans/ craftsman, confluence with religious devotees (Satsang), exposure to folk cultures and visit to famous places in the programmes, especially at advanced level under this scheme.

For other details, visit the official UGC website or click HERE