Vikash Sharma

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released guidelines for the seamless integration of Indian traditional knowledge with modern subjects. The UGC has prepared the guidelines for incorporating Indian Knowledge System (IKS) into the higher education curriculum.

The purpose of these guidelines for incorporating the Indian Knowledge System into higher curricula is to provide a roadmap for systematic study and research of various disciplines of IKS.

General Guidelines

Every student enrolled in a UG or PG programme should be encouraged to take credit courses in IKS amounting in all to at least five per cent of the total mandated credits.

It is envisioned that the interested students studying in UG and PG courses may be allowed to take a larger fraction of the total mandated credits in the fields of IKS.

At least 50% of the credits apportioned to the IKS should be related to the major discipline and should be accounted for the credits assigned to the major discipline

Guidelines for IKS Courses in UG Programmes

The students may be encouraged to take these courses, preferably during the first four semesters of the UG programme. At least half of these mandated credits should be in courses in disciplines which are part of IKS and are related to the major field of specialization that the student is pursuing in the UG programme.

All the students should take a Foundational Course in the Indian Knowledge System, which is designed to present an overall introduction to all the streams of IKS relevant to the UG programme.

All UG-teaching Institutions should offer a large number of Elective Courses in IKS, from which the students may choose appropriately so as to complete a requisite number of courses and credits in IKS. Wherever possible, the students may be encouraged to choose a suitable topic related to IKS for their project work in the 7/8th semesters of the UG programme.

Guidelines for IKS Courses at the PG Level

All the students studying for PG programmes in Arts, Commerce and Sciences should take an adequate number of advanced credit courses in any of the disciplines/topics that are part of IKS and related to their subject of specialization so that the total credits of the courses taken by the student in IKS amount to at least five per cent of the total mandated credits.

The students may be allowed to opt for taking additional courses in disciplines/ topics that are part of IKS if such an option is available and is consistent with the requirements of the PG programme.