Vikash Sharma

Art forms are an integral part of human civilization and Kala Gurus (Artists-in Residence / Artisans-in-Residence) have illuminated the art world for ages. Taking a cue from this, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has released guidelines for the empanelment of artists, and artisans- in-residence in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs).

As per the UGC, it is a challenging task to strike a balance between the preservation of art and livelihood. The process of identification of art and art forms, and connecting them with the higher education system is a significant step in this direction.

Tentative list of the art forms

Handicrafts: (Pottery, Bamboo Art, Cane Work, Woodwork, Terracotta, Madhubani, Pichhwahi, Charkha Weaving, Mughal Wood Art, Stone, Bronze Work, Meenakari Work, Weaving, Dyeing, Block Printing, Miniature Painting, Wood Carving, Printed Textiles and others)

Music: (Classical Music, Semi-classical, Light, Modern Music) Dance: (Classical & Traditional Dance forms) Folk Dance: (Bhangra/Gidda, Garba, Rouf, Ghoomar, Bihu, Lavani, Vilasini Natyam, Dhimsa, Bagurumba, Ali Ai Ligang, Kolattam, Natyam, Aji Lamu, Roppi, Phoning, Kajari, Jhumari, Dandari, Gendi among others)

Professional Art Forms: (Painting, Printmaking, Textile, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramic, Calligraphy, Photography, Installation) Folk Theatre, Nautanki, Yoga, and other arts including Sand Art, Mehndi, Floor Art (Rangoli/Mandana)


Level-I: Guru (Artist/Artisan) (Those Artists/Artisans, who do not come in the above categories, but have gained fame as master artists of a particular art form).

Level-II: Param Guru (Outstanding Artist/Artisan) (At least one National and State level Government recognized award or any other award of the equivalent level)

Level-III: Parameshti Guru (Eminent Artist/Artisan) (Padma Awardee or a prestigious honour of National or International Level) Facilities /


Studio/workplace: The empanelled Kala Gurus will be provided suitable well-equipped workplace to carry out the activities having requisite facilities and materials along with other assistance needed to deliver the learning.

Travel Expenses and Accommodation

The empowered Kala Guru will be provided TA /DA / Accommodation etc, as per the norms of HEIs.

Honorarium: The Payment of honorarium, TA/DA/Accommodation, etc to Artists/Artisans-in-Residence may be decided and made by the HEIs from their own resources.