Cassian Baliarsingh

IPS Gaurav Tripathi is one of the millions of aspirants who come from humble backgrounds but have battled all odds to finally achieve the unimaginable. It is the story of real strugglers like IPS Gaurav that inspires us all as they have given their sweat and blood to reach the position they are today.

Hailing from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, IPS Gaurav’s father was a general store owner. So, the young bureaucrat had to struggle and fight to overcome obstacles at every step of his way. Despite the abject financial constraints, his parents encouraged him to succeed and helped him through every challenge.

With their cooperation, he finished his schooling and easily cracked the IIT exam. He was accepted to IIT Roorkee and completed his B.Tech. However, it was during his days at IIT Roorkee, he decided to prepare for UPSC.

He collected all the NCERT books and created a thorough UPSC schedule for his preparation. However, he had to face failures in his first two attempts. Although he qualified in both Prelims and Mains both times, he was rejected in the interview round.

His third attempt also left him heartbroken. However, his unwavering resilience could not be weakened and he persisted in making another attempt. His hard work finally paid off and he secured an impressive AIR-226 in his fourth attempt.

However, not many know that while he was studying day and night for UPSC, he was also battling with his weight gain. There was a time when he weighed around 101kg. So, he decided to work on his physique and lost 16 kilos in three months.