Poonam Singh

Garima Singh, an accomplished IAS officer, initially aspired to become a doctor but found her calling in civil services due to a transformative incident during college. Her commitment led her to become an IPS officer in 2012, later transitioning to IAS in 2016, securing an impressive All India Rank of 55. 

According to News 18 report, hailing from Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia, Garima did her graduation and post-graduation from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. 

During an interview, Garima Singh recalled a pivotal moment that led her to become IPS. Reportedly, at the check post on the way, the police stopped her rickshaw, interrogated her and later asked her to pay a bribe of Rs 100. Garima Singh refused to pay the bribe. Police officials then called her home and told them the situation. 

After this incident, she became uncomfortable with the attitude of the police in India. Hence, she decided to become IPS to bring the necessary change.

Becoming an IPS officer in her first attempt, she served in Uttar Pradesh before fulfilling her father's wish by securing an IAS position in Jharkhand through the UPSC exam.

While listing the difference between IAS and IPS, Garima believes that IPS is such a job in which the work profile does not change drastically from SHO to DG level. But as far as IAS is concerned, the avenue of work portfolio is very big. 

While advising the UPSC aspirants, Garima Singh advises people to quit coaching after one year and focus on self-study.