Cassian Baliarsingh

The National Medical Commission (NMC) will soon launch a new portal to address the issue of ghost faculty in medical colleges, informed the Secretary. B Srinivas, Secretary, NMC said the Commission is keen to bring in more transparency and representation of all. 

"Until now, there used to be physical assessments, and a lot of issues used to come. To make it more transparent so that there is nothing left out. 75 percent attendance is for working days. So that we can confirm if the doctors are indeed present in the college or not, that is the idea and it will be digitally driven. Hence, there won't be an issue of manipulation of data. It is a groundbreaking thing," Srinivas told ANI.

Dr Aruna V Vanikar, President of the Undergraduate Medical Education Board, said, "This new portal will be soon cleared by the security so that there is no hacking. Once this portal is open, every college will submit its data right from the beginning of the inception of the college till this year."

According to Vanikar, the advantage is that anybody across the world can click on that portal and see how the education system is in a particular college, who are the faculty, and how is the training going on. Our objective is to make it will be transparent.