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The Civil Services Exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is considered the most intellectually challenging and demanding exam. Only a fortunate few crack the exam. 

However, IAS Taskeen Khan, a model by profession has proved that she is a beauty with a brain and anyone from the entertainment industry can also crack India’s toughest exam.

A brilliant mind and multi-talented girl from childhood, Taskeen had won Miss Dehradun and Miss Uttarakhand. She was also a successful model. The gorgeous and supremely intelligent girl enjoys a huge fan following on social media.


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Taskeen was also a basketball champion, and a national-level debater, apart from being a professional model and actor. She qualified for admission to NIT after school but was unable to join the prestigious institute due to her parents’ inability to afford the fees.

She had dreamt of representing the country in the Miss India pageant. However, she had to fulfill her passion for becoming an IAS officer. Apart from modeling, she started her UPSC preparation. However, it wasn’t a journey of roses.

She had to face failures three times. However, she did not give up. Her hard work paid off and she finally cracked the UPSC exam on her fourth attempt in 2020.


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When asked about her inspiration, Taskeen revealed that she was inspired by an Instagram follower who was also an IAS aspirant. She bagged Jamia’s free entrance exam coaching and moved to Delhi for her preparation.

Despite financial obstacles, Taskeen fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS officer and made her parents proud. Today, she is an inspiration for millions of UPSC aspirants and her followers.