Poonam Singh

Lakhs of hopefuls take on the formidable UPSC exam annually, with only a select few emerging victorious. For those who face initial setbacks, the path to success often involves doubling their preparation efforts, addressing shortcomings, and making subsequent attempts. 

Some devote six to seven years to intensive study for the UPSC Civil Services exam. While many aspirants lose hope after one or two failed attempts and choose alternative career paths, those who crack the exam and ascend to the ranks of IAS, IPS, or IFS officers emphasize the essential ingredients for success: consistent hard work and perseverance.

Illustrating the power of consistency is IRS officer Pooja Ranawat, who achieved the remarkable feat of cracking the UPSC exam in 2017, securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 258. Her journey stands as a living example of how unwavering dedication and persistence can propel aspirants to the pinnacle of success in the demanding UPSC examination.

Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, Pooja completed her early education in her hometown before pursuing a degree in Psychology at Fergusson College, Pune. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring candidates navigating the challenging landscape of UPSC examinations.

As per a News18 report, Pooja started her UPSC preparation during college and she understood the importance of early commitment to this challenging endeavor.

Despite encountering initial setbacks with four unsuccessful attempts at clearing the prelims, Pooja refused to be disheartened. Embodying the spirit of dedication, she persisted in her efforts and strategically approached her studies, emphasizing meticulous note-taking.

In her fifth attempt in 2017, Pooja's resilience paid off earning her a coveted position in the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). 

Currently, Pooja serves as a Deputy Commissioner in the Income Tax Department.