Pradeep Pattanayak

With professors being not available for evaluation of answer scripts in Home Science, Odisha Civil Service (Main) written examination, the fear of results getting delayed is haunting the OAS aspirants. 

The Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) in a letter had requested the authorities of Rama Devi Women’s University to spare the services of three faculty members of Home Science discipline to complete the valuation of OAS (Main) written examination. 

But the University authorities expressed their inability to spare the services of the faculties. 

Mentioning the reason why Rama Devi Women’s University is requested to share the services, the OPSC in a letter to the Department of Higher Education said 955 candidates have appeared in OAS (Main) Examination with Home Science as a Subject. 

While the valuation has already started, Home Science discipline is available in a few Universities and Rama Devi Women’s University has eight faculty members in the said discipline. 

The OPSC requested the Department of Higher Education to direct the University authorities to spare the faculty members. 

In response to the letter, the Department of Higher Education has requested the University authorities to spare three faculty members for valuation. 

In this regard, while the authorities of the University refused to comment, the Vice Chancellors of Universities and professors of colleges cited several reasons for their inability to share faculties like shortage of staff, visit of the NAAC team and ongoing valuation of Plus III papers. 

“A man can do two to three types of duties at one place. But the problem will arise when he is asked to perform at two to three places,” said Professor Sanjay Satapathy, Vice Chancellor, Kalahandi University. 

“They are disagreeing to spare the services of their faculties because they may have a shortage of staff. Otherwise, there is no reason to disagree,” maintained Gagan Beura, principal of Govindpur Degree College. 

As of now, the problem arising out of the lack of faculty members has left the aspirants worried.

“The problem arising due to the shortage of staff to evaluate our papers has caused mental tension among us,” said Debasish, an OAS aspirant. 

Echoing the same, another aspirant Rakseh said, “We laboured hard for the examination. Now we are on tenterhooks following the confusion arising due to the lack of staff. We wish the confusion should end soon.”

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