Cassian Baliarsingh

IAS officer Nellayappan B, OSD (Officer on Special Duty) to Chief Minister of Nagaland Nephiu Rio and Deputy Director of School Education, Nagaland recently shared his journey of struggle on social media.

His journey from a thatched house with a coconut leaf roof to a bungalow is not only inspiring but also proves that nothing is impossible if you are passionate enough about your goals. He revealed how he lived in the single-roomed thatched house with his parents and four siblings. The room served as their bedroom, kitchen, and study room.

However, he was determined to overcome his poverty and worked hard for it. Despite, lack of resources, he focused on the education that helped him gain success in life.

Sharing two pictures, the Civil Servant wrote, “I lived in this single room thatched house (coconut leaf roof then) with my Parents & 4 Siblings till I was 30 years old. Blessed to reach today's position through Education, Dedication & Hard Work.”

The first picture shows his father’s thatched house without a proper roof while all the walls are completely broken. The second picture shows his new bungalow, fully furnished and shining with lights all around. The pictures prove that in the absence of any resources, education is the true means to liberty.

Since being shared online, the IAS officer’s story has been winning over hearts and left many inspired.

“Such stories make coming to X (formerly known as Twitter) worthwhile. God bless you sir :),” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Amazing Nellayappan.  What a transformation. Nothing can be compared to what good education can provide as success 🙏🙏🙏🙏”

“A great positive post sir. Yours is an example of how education, hard work, and commitment to a goal lift the standards of a person and his family. Share your inspiring story with students from similar backgrounds. Kudos to you,” commented a third user.