Vikash Sharma

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has released guidelines for the Student Innovation Award-2022. As per the latest IGNOU notification, the last date for submission of complete application along with the required documents and video clip of the innovation is October 15, 2022.

IGNOU has been awarding its innovator students with the Student Innovation Awards on the Foundation day of the University.

Eligibility to Apply for Innovation Award

Bonafide and registered students of IGNOU who have developed, implemented an innovative product, process or services as a solution to the problem/challenge being faced by individuals or society in any area, preferably from theme areas.

Theme Areas

1. Health Care and Biomedical Devices

2. Agriculture and Rural Development

3. Food Processing and Packaging

4. Smart Transport and Traffic Management

5. Renewable and Affordable Energy and Alternate Fuel

6. Clean and Potable Water and Water Management

7. Waste Management and Disposal

8. Technology Based Social Innovations

9. Robotics and Drones including AI and ML

10. Social and Environmental Issues

11. Smart City and Urban Development

12. Innovation in Education Sector

13. Innovation to Assist the Persons with Disability

14. Any Other Emerging Area of Innovation and Startup Opportunity

Benefit And Awards

The selected best three Innovators will get Student Innovation Award-2022 with Certificates, Trophies and Cash Prizes of Rs. 10,000, Rs, 7,000 and Rs. 5,000 respectively. The selected potential innovators will get opportunity to interact with other innovators and learn from their experience.

For other details, visit IGNOU website or click HERE