Poonam Singh

Dreaming big is a common mantra, yet the essence of fulfilment lies in unwavering determination, exemplified by the inspiring journey of IAS Abhilasha Sharma. 

Hailing from Haryana and currently residing in Gurugram, Abhilasha faced initial setbacks in her quest to become an IAS officer.

According to a DNA report, in 2013, she embarked on her UPSC exam preparations, encountering consecutive failures in her first three attempts. Frustration and disappointment enveloped her, momentarily shattering her IAS aspirations. However, undeterred, Abhilasha revived her commitment, formulating a rigorous schedule and dedicating 15-16 hours daily to her studies, opting for Political Science and International Relations as optional subjects.

The turning point arrived in her fourth attempt, where she secured an impressive All India Rank of 68. 

Abhilasha attributes her success to learning from failures and addressing shortcomings. 

In a recent interview, she recounted her journey, highlighting the crucial support she received from her husband Ankit, a businessman whom she married in 2017. Their relationship, evolving from friendship to love, became a pillar of motivation, both mentally and financially.

She emphasises incorporating newspaper reading into daily life for current affairs preparation, advocates the study of NCERT books to strengthen basics, and underscores the importance of diligently working on aptitude—a subject she personally struggled with. Her narrative stands as a testament to the transformative power of determination in turning dreams into reality.