The Union Education Ministry wants to start the implementation of a 4-year undergraduate course (FYUP) in all the universities of the country, especially in the central universities.

While the UGC is in discussion with the universities, the Education Ministry has also asked the vice-chancellors of all central universities to plan the implementation of FYUP.

The Education Ministry wants that the discussion should now begin on 3- and 4-year graduation and another 2-year PG in all 45 central universities of the country, so that the process of implementation gets started.

The Ministry has said that this course is different from the 4-year graduation course introduced last time in 2013.

This time, many central universities will be allowed to run their regular 3-year graduation programs. At the same time, this new system can also be implemented. Along with this, the option of multiple entry and exit will also be available for the students.

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that this time under the new education policy, there is a 3-year degree course, a 4-year degree course in alternative, and similarly, the degree course in post-graduation is of 2 years and 1 year.

The Minister told the vice-chancellors of all central universities that "you have autonomy on how to do this. It is up to you how you will roll it out. By next year, everyone should decide their own process on this subject".

The Ministry of Education, however, said that even as the process takes time, the system has to be taken forward.

The Union Education Minister has also held a meeting with the vice chancellors of all the central universities on this subject. In many universities, it has been decided to introduce 4-year undergraduate course from the next academic session.

At the same time, the process of taking a decision on this is going on in many other universities. The universities in which it has been decided to implement the 4-year undergraduate course includes Delhi University.

Delhi University Executive Council member Ashok Aggarwal said that he has lodged his protest on FYUP. According to Aggarwal, despite the opposition, the majority was in favour of FYUP. Therefore, it has been decided to implement it in Delhi University from next year.

Delhi University's Standing Committee on Academic Affairs has passed the agenda on implementation of the four-year undergraduate programme (FYUP) structure from 2022-23, despite protests and disagreements.

On this, Abha Dev Habib, treasurer of 'DUTA', the official organization of teachers in Delhi University, said that the experience of FYUP 2013 shows that students have rejected the idea of additional expenditure for the fourth year of FYUP. The survey (conducted in 2013) among the students showed that the students were spending around Rs 1.5-2 lakh per year while living in Delhi to get an education.

He said there is also no promise of grant for an additional year, adding: "This will also put additional burden on the infrastructure.