Cassian Baliarsingh

After five years of marriage, her husband left her with two children. To survive, she worked as a sanitary worker, sweeping the streets of Jodhpur. However, she decided to change her fate for her children.

Despite challenges, she decided to choose education for herself and her two little children. To make ends meet, she used to sweep streets during the day and studied hard in the evening. Working as a sweeper, she managed to complete her graduation in 2016.

Her only dream was to be financially independent and provide her children with everything on her own. After her graduation, she set her sight on the Rajasthan Administration Services (RAS) exam and began her preparation.

In 2018, she appeared for the RAS examination but had to face a long wait for the result due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, on 15 July 2021, she received the news that she had passed the exam with rank-728.

Defying all odds, she became the deputy collector at Jodhpur Nagar Nigma, the very same place she worked as a sweeper. This is the inspiring story of Asha Kandara, a single mother who went on to become the deputy collector of Jodhpur.

“On the day of the results, I saw my name on the list, my happiness knew no bounds. My humiliation gave me the strength to become something in life and give a befitting reply to society,” The Better India quoted Asha.