Cassian Baliarsingh

Her father was murdered in front of everyone outside a court, and it changed her entire life. Today, she has fulfilled his dream of seeing her as a police officer. Ayushi Singh, daughter of Yogendra Singh, cracked UPPSC exam 2023 with 62nd rank and selected for the post of deputy superintendent of police (DSP).

According to India Today, Ayushi was only 11 years old when her father Yogendra Singh alias Bhura was lodged in Moradabad jail on accusations of a murder case. He was being produced in court when he was shot dead.

Ever since her father’s murder, Ayushi was determined to become a high-ranking officer. She studied 9-7 hours to become an IPS officer. However, she was selected for DSP after clearing the UPPSC exam.

“I saw a huge failure of the police administration. So, I wanted to go ahead and contribute to the police administration so that such incidents do not happen again,” Ayushi said in a conversation with UP Tak.

Her father always wanted to see her get into administrative career path. She studied science in Class 12 and then moved to Humanities for her graduation. She wanted to become an IPS officer and began her UPSC preparation from the beginning of her graduation days.

“My father was brutally murdered infront of everyone. The day was 23 February 2015, which changed my whole life. My father’s dream for me was to become an officer. People started teasing me that I was the daughter of a criminal. That phase was very difficult. But I wanted to fulfill my father’s dream. So, I started preparation for UPSC and after a lot of struggle I achieved my goal,” India Today quoted Ayushi.

“The happiest moment was the newspaper headlines ‘Daughter of Bhura became a DSP’,” she added.