Cassian Baliarsingh

IAS Rishita Gupta always dreamt of becoming a doctor. It was the dream she nurtured since her childhood. However, destiny had written something else for her.

She was in Class 12 when her father passed away. The tragic incident took a heavy toll on her and she could not concentrate on her studies. Her father’s death affected her so much that she could not get good ranks for a medical seat.

The young girl had taken Science after her Class 10 with the hope of becoming a doctor. However, her father who was suffering from cancer passed away during her Class 12. 

However, she had to take a grip of herself and stay strong for herself and other family members. So, she opted for English Honours in her graduation and passed with flying colours. Since then there has been no looking back for Rishita.

She had made up her mind that she would become an IAS officer. She prepared diligently and studied for hours and put in every effort to crack the Civil Services Exam. Her hard work finally paid off and she cracked the most prestigious UPSC CSE with AIR-18 in her very first attempt in 2018.

Rishita hails from New Delhi and credits her parents for providing her with a ‘studying environment’ since childhood.

"My parents have created a studying environment for us at home. They always supported me and my sister to focus solely on our studies,” Indian Masterminds quoted her as saying.

Rishita made notes, gave mock tests, did a lot of revision and learnt from the mistakes that other aspirants had made before. She kept the books limited but repeated them again and again.

“Always keep the concepts clear and read NCERT first to strengthen the base,” is Rishita’s advice to all the aspiring young aspirants.