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A woman employee at a bank has sparked a debate on toxic workplace after she posted her experience on Linkedln. Identified as Nitika Kumari, a bank employee shared her experience of dealing with toxic workplace for over a year.

She revealed how she decided to resign and focus on herself and find a better workplace. In her long post, Ms Kumari mentioned that she has been associated with a bank for more than a year and has dealt with several episodes of panic attacks and mental health issues.

Sharing in details, Nitika wrote, “The incident happened on 22 April 2024 when I was subjected to ethnically insensitive remarks by my colleagues.”

“The exact words which was used by him is ‘EK CHAMAT MARENGE, BIHAR PAHUNCH JAOGI’ (I will slap you so hard, you will go and fall in Bihar),” she added.

When she narrated her ordeal to her manager and other team members, she was told that it was just a ‘hatred comment’ which she could let go off. Later, she reached out to the HR team and filed a POSH complaint. However, weeks after the incident, she only received an email from the HR team to give feedback of the incident without any action taken on her colleague.

She also revealed about a particular comment and said, “Tumhare Jaisi ladki hum aaj tak nahin dekhe hain, akele pura UK team ka naam kharab kar ke rakhi hai. Tumhare siba kisi ladki ko hum nahin dekhe hai cigarette pite huye.”

“Later while going back inside the office, I saw him eating tobacco and spitting on the wall inside the office premises,” she added.

Nitika’s post has gone viral with people joining the debate about the prevailing toxic workplaces and the need to change it.

“Glad that you share the incident here. Corporate has come so far that it only takes action when it comes to their reputation publicly on social media platform,” commented a user.

Another user shared, “I have faced similar toxicity. They kept asking me which company i am joining? They forced me to sign a bond 1year after joining their company that i have to pay 6months of salary even if i leave the company 3years after joining. Had they told me there is a bond while joining i wouldnt have joined their company. Even after paying exactly 208200, Post resignation they keep sending negative feedback while BG verification and had put me in a tough situation where i was always in a doubt about my job security. Such companies and HRs do exist.”

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