Ramakanta Biswas

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has requested all Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to devise mechanisms and expedite implementation of pursuing two academic programmes simultaneously by students.

In a letter to Vice-Chancellors of universities and principals/directors of colleges, the UGC said the guidelines for pursuing two academic programmes simultaneously by students have been framed keeping in view the NEP-2022 to facilitate multiple pathways to learning involving both formal and non-formal education modes. 

The guidelines are available on the UGC website www.ugc.ac.in.

“All the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) were requested to devise mechanisms through its statutory bodies for allowing students to pursue two academic programmes simultaneously. It is once again requested that in the larger interest of the students, implementation of the said scheme may kindly be ensured and expedited, if not done so far,” the higher education regulator said.

Here are guidelines for pursuing two academic programmes simultaneously

1.    A student can pursue two full time academic programmes in physical mode provided that in such cases, class timings for one programme do not overlap with the class timings of the other programme. 

2.    A student can pursue two academic programmes, one in full time physical mode and another in Open and Distance Learning (ODL)/Online mode; or up to two ODL/Online programmes simultaneously. 

3.    Degree or diploma programmes under ODL/Online mode shall be pursued with only such HEIs which are recognized by UGC/Statutory Council/Govt. of India for running such programmes. 

4.    Degree or diploma programmes under these guidelines shall be governed by the Regulations notified by the UGC and also the respective statutory/professional councils, wherever applicable.

5.     These guidelines shall come into effect from the date of their notification by the UGC. No retrospective benefit can be claimed by the students who have already done two academic programmes simultaneously prior to the notification of these guidelines. 

“The above guidelines shall be applicable only to the students pursuing academic programmes other than Ph.D. programme. Based on the above guidelines, the universities can devise mechanisms, through their statutory bodies, for allowing their students to pursue two academic programmes simultaneously as mentioned above,” the UGC said.