Anirbaan Hritiq

Despite the Centre’s continuous efforts to uplift specially-abled students, no concrete efforts are being made to help the distressed students.
A recent notification issued by the Ministry of Education which was published in the Gazette of India, it clearly provided detailed guidelines about the recruitment of special educators for Divyang students.
The notification clearly mentioned for students every school needs to appoint special educators to promote and facilitate equal educational facilities for specially-abled students, who go through enormous difficulties to catch up with the normal students.

The Ministry of Education in its circular mentioned the recruitment ratio of special educators as well. As per the notification, the schools are supposed to have one special educator for every ten (1:10) students reading in class 1 to 6. Meanwhile, for students reading in class 6 to 8 the ratio of special educators stands at (1:15).

In case of non-availability of a regular special educator, the Government can make an appointment on a contractual basis citing immediacy.

On the other hand, the Odisha Special Educator Federation of Divyang (OSEFD) has staged state-wide protests against the ignorance of the state government. The total number of job aspirants for the post of special educator stands at a staggering 4000 in the state.

In Odisha, more than 82,000 divyang students study at 64,000 schools without any support from special educators due to which students go through massive turmoil.

Debasish Pati, a special educator aspirant said in an interview with OTV said, “The state government should realise the gravity of the situation and make the immediate appointment of special educators as per the ratio of recruitment issued by the Central Government”.

Meanwhile, the Minister for School and Mass Education Samir Rajan Dash said, “The file sent by the concerned department has been approved, and the notification regarding the recruitment of the special educators will be issued soon.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi back in 2015 used the term “Divyang” during his “Maan Ki Baat” programme and urged the citizens not to use words such as viklang or handicapped for the specially-abled people.

(Reported by Sanjay Pati, Konark, and Jagdish Das, Bhubaneswar)