Rashmi Ranjan

The Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) has cleared the air on the publication of Plus 2 exam results and said 80 percent weightage will be given to final examination marks (both theory and practical) and 20 percent to quarter-end examination scores.

“Twenty percent weightage of the total marks in a paper, theory and practical/Project separately, shall be awarded based on the best two performance of the candidate out of three quarter end examinations of class XIl, and 80% weightage of total marks in a paper, practical/Project separately, shall be theory and awarded based on the performance of the candidate in Annual HS Examination, 2023 conducted by CHSE,” a notification issued by the board.

This is how the calculation will be done:

1. Marks in a paper will be awarded based on 
a) Best two marks out of three quarter end marks (Theory & Practical marks taken separately)
b) Marks obtained in annual exam/instant examination (theory and practical marks taken separately).

2. Weightage for the final exam (annual/instant) is 80 percent (both for theory & practical taken separately).

3. Weightage for the quarter-end examination is 20 percent (both for theory & practical taken separately).

4. The calculated mark of a paper (80% weightage given to final in the examination mark in the paper+20% weightage given to the quarter end examination mark in the same paper) and the actual mark obtained in the final examination (annual/Instant) shall be compared. The higher mark out of these two will be awarded to the candidate in that paper.

5. If a candidate remains absent in a paper in any quarter-end examination, then it will be treated as "zero"(0) for the purpose of calculation.

6. If one candidate has not appeared the Quarter End Examination in one or more papers, the marks obtained in the final Examination (Annual/Instant) will be awarded.

7. If a candidate has appeared the final examination in a paper but has remained absent in quarter end examinations in that paper (theory/practical or project paper), then the marks obtained in final examination will be taken into consideration for computation of result.

8. However, as usual, absence in one or more papers (in Theory and/or practical) in final examination/instant examination conducted by CHSE will affect the result, i.e. the result will be "FAIL".

9. If after calculation, calculated number is less than marks obtained in quarter end or final examination, then the obtained marks will be awarded.

10. Every awarded fraction will be rounded off to the next whole number.