Vikash Sharma

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to implement the much-awaited National Curriculum Framework For Foundation Stage (NCF-FS 2022) from the academic year 2023-24.

Official sources said that it will be launched from Class Balvatika (Pre-School) to Class II. Moreover, the important purposes of NCF for Foundational Stage 2022 are to formalise education in foundational year -3 to 8 year age.

“While schools offering Classes I to X / XII may make efforts to gradually augment the infrastructural requirements to include Balvatika(pre-school) classes, schools already running foundational classes may continue to offer 3 years of Balvatika(pre-school) education,” CBSE said in a notice.

Curriculum and Academic Year

Each school shall keep evidence that it will maintain a curriculum and an educational program based on NCFFS 2022. The term and hours of each Balvatika (pre-school) class shall be equivalent to those established by the appropriate government; Foundation Stage classes shall meet not less than five half-days a week.

Guidelines For National Curriculum Framework For Foundation Stage 2022

Each child shall have an annual physical, examination by a competent physician, including an appropriate vision screening, audio testing and other tests as deemed necessary.

School shall have an arrangement with the nearest medical facility. In the event of a medical emergency head of the school shall be responsible for securing all possible medical care and informing the parents/ guardian.

No medication shall be given to children except by order of a physician.

Safety Regulations

Schools must take all possible steps to preclude any kind of punishment which could adversely affect a child’s well-being.

Schools must have appropriate knowledge of appropriate disaster management norms i.e. emergency evacuation procedure in place such as terror attacks, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Administration staff and teachers should be trained in paediatric first-aid norms which also include fire fighting, CPR, etc.