Vikash Sharma

The crucial Term 2 examinations for Classes 10 and 12 is being conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

As per the schedule, the Class 10 exam, which began on April 26, will be conducted for 29 days and will be over on May 24. The Class 12 examination will be conducted for 51 days and end on June 15, 2022.

All the Covid-19 norms, which were implemented in the previous two examinations, are being strictly followed this time too.

“For this purpose, the CBSE is paying Rs 5,000 to each examination centre for the purchase of Infrared Thermometer and also paying Rs 5 per candidate per day for sanitization of school every day and for making arrangement of masks, sanitizer, soaps etc to ensure cleanliness at the examination premises,” an official release of CBSE read.

The CBSE has also decided to pay Rs 2 per candidate per day for making available potable water as part of the provisions for drinking water at examination centres.

The CBSE has fixed the time-table in such a manner that the students can appear for the exams without any stress. Besides, the time-table has been made giving sufficient time for preparations.

Term-II Exam Details:

Class 10

Total no. of candidates: 2116209

Total schools: 22732

Total centres: 7406

Class 12

Total no. of candidates: 1454370

Total schools: 15080

Total centres: 6720