Pradeep Singh

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released guidelines for the conduct of Practical Examination/ Project Assessment/ Internal Assessment for Classes 10 and 12, for Winter Bound Schools for the academic session 2022-23.
As per provisions of Examination Bye-Laws/Scheme of Studies of the Board, the Practical Examinations/Project/Internal Assessment for the session 2022-23 are scheduled from January 1, 2023 for all affiliated schools in India and abroad. 

However, the schools situated in the winter-bound areas are expected to remain closed during the month of January due to the winter season. “Accordingly, the Practical Examinations/ Project/ Internal Assessment for the session 2022-23 for both classes X and XII for winter-bound schools are to be conducted from 15th November 2022 to 14th December 2022,” CBSE informed.

SOPs and Guidelines for the conduct of Practical Examinations/ Project/ Internal Assessments in winter-bound schools

Meanwhile, the Board has urged such schools to ensure the timely completion of practical examinations and said:

(1) Prepare the final list of candidates and ensure that no student of the school whose name has not been submitted in the online LOC to the Board is allowed to sit for these practical examinations / project/ Internal Assessment. 

(2) Contact the Regional Office for appointment of external examiners and observers. 

(3) Ensure timely completion of Examinations and dispatch of answer books and award lists to the regional offices. These dates and instructions are only for winter-bound schools and are not applicable for regular session schools for which the circular will be issued separately.

Important Guidelines for CBSE Practical Exam for Class 10, 12 Students

The Practical Examinations/ Project/ Internal Assessment shall be conducted strictly in accordance with the details and guidelines given on the Board’s academic website.

The schools may check and acquaint themselves and the examiners with the maximum marks for each subject from the Curriculum Document.

The marks in respect of all Practical Examinations/Project/Internal Assessments shall be uploaded simultaneously from the date of the start of the practical examinations.

The uploading of marks shall be completed by last date of respective class. No extension of the dates shall be considered by the Board.

To ensure fair and just assessment, Practical Examinations/ Project Assessments should invariably be conducted in two or three sessions in a day if the number of students is more than 20.

In the case of Fine Arts, examination/assessment shall invariably be conducted in two sessions in respect of each student.

While uploading the marks, School, the Internal Examiner and the External Examiner (as the case may be) shall ensure that correct marks are uploaded as no correction in the marks will be allowed once marks are uploaded.

Schools and Examiners shall, while awarding/uploading marks, also keep in mind maximum marks allotted for Practical/Project/Internal Assessment as per guidelines issued by the CBSE.

Check full SOPs HERE.