Vikash Sharma

As the crucial Board examinations are around the corner, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has reportedly issued a caution to students regarding fake social media handles.

It is not the first time that such an advisory has been issued by the CBSE. The Board had earlier cautioned students and all stakeholders against fake websites as well.

In its latest advisory, the CBSE has shared a list of 30 X (formerly Twitter) handles. Sources said that these fake handles are allegedly spreading misinformation using the name and logo of CBSE.

The official CBSE X handle is @cbseindia29. The Board asked all to follow its official handle for any information.

Cyber expert, Akash Mishra said, “Cyber criminals are targeting through new means. Earlier, they were targeting elderly persons. But now they are also targeting students who are not well versed with cyber hygiene.”

Mishra further informed that earlier it was found that fake websites were created to dupe students by providing information including sample papers or any other document.

“In the official CBSE notice, it has been informed about the official Board’s handle. Students need to be careful and collect or visit official websites or handles for any information. They should contact concerned school officials if they come across any rumours on social media,” Mishra added.