Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Though the Odisha government claims to have achieved considerable success in ramping up the vaccination drive against Covid-19 across the State, people in certain areas still face lot of difficulties in getting themselves inoculated for various reasons. 

Sample the case of Gurudijhatia village In Athgarh. Tension erupted in this village on Monday when a large number of people were deprived of getting their jabs despite waiting for long hours.

As per reports, a large number of people had congregated at the village health centre since the wee hours to get themselves vaccinated. They submitted their Aadhar cards and waited for their turns patiently as it was difficult to maintain social distancing at the centre.


However, only 120 persons could be inoculated due to the availability of only as many vaccines following which tension erupted and people staged demonstrations at the centre. Finally, police had to intervene and they somehow managed to pacify the public.

In another incident of people facing difficulties during vaccination drive, as many as 300 people had to climb up a hill at Pidhapokhari village under Joda block in Keonjhar district on Tuesday for receiving vaccine shots.

As per reports, the district administration was forced to arrange the vaccination drive atop the hill as there was no mobile network available in the village.

The local residents expressed their resentment over the move as no security measure was in place at the narrow hill top putting the lives of people in danger.

However, the health officials said the arrangement was made following requests by the villagers.

“The villagers had requested us to make special arrangements for the vaccination drive atop the hill due to mobile network issues at the village which is situated at the foot of the hill,” said LK Singh, a health official at the Basudevpur Community Health Centre.