Ramakanta Biswas

The Odisha government on Tuesday increased the ceiling on gatherings at marriages and funerals to 250 persons as per the unlock guidelines for the month of September which was announced on Tuesday.   

“Marriages, thread Ceremony/Bratopanayan, funerals, last rites and related gatherings with approval from local authorities shall be allowed with a ceiling of 250 persons (for the entire event) including hosts, guests, priests and catering and other support staff with adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols,” the order issued by the Special Relief Commissioner stated.

The government has also allowed marriage procession with maximum 50 participants.

“Marriage processions shall be allowed with due prior written approval from competent authorities subject to the ceiling 50 participants including bridegroom, priest, friends, relatives, guests, members of band party, light & sound systems etc,” the SRC letter read.

(I)   Under no circumstances, the number of participants shall exceed the ceiling for the entire event.

(II)   In closed spaces, subject to the above ceilings such number of persons shall be allowed as would be feasible to follow Covid protocols.

(III)  In open spaces, keeping the size of the ground/ open space in view, appropriate number of persons will be allowed, subject to the above ceilings, so as to ensure maintenance of prescribed physical distancing norm.

All other conditions/ stipulations for marriage, funeral and last rites related gatherings shall be followed as per the Government guidelines released on April 30, 2021.

(vi) All other conditions/ stipulations for thread ceremony/ bratopanayana and related rituals shall be followed as per the Government guidelines released vide Revenue and Disaster Management (DM) Department letter on May 18, 2021.