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Pradeep Singh

Mass vaccination drive is currently underway across Odisha. Though a plethora of awareness campaigns have been launched both by the Centre and the State governments, many people still seem to be unaware of the COVID-19 vaccination norms.

As per the guidelines, one should stay in an observation area for at least 30 minutes after getting vaccinated. It is needed so that one's reaction to the vaccine can be monitored and it is made sure that he/she doesn't experience any severe side effects.

However, some people were seen making varied and weird excuses when asked about the same when OTV carried out a survey at a vaccination centre in Bhubaneswar.

"Nothing will happen to me," said a young beneficiary who left the vaccination centre soon after getting inoculated, without spending the mandatory few minutes at the observation centre.

"I know I need to stay 30 minutes here, but I am feeling fine now after 15 minutes. So, I'm leaving," said another beneficiary at the centre.

"No one told me anything about the guidelines to stay for 30 minutes at the observation area," said a woman who was leaving immediately after taking the jab.

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner, Sanjay Singh said, "We are requesting people to stay at least 30 minutes in the observation area. The beneficiaries are also being informed about the same before they are administered the jab."

It is pertinent to mention here that a few days ago a 68-year-old man died due to anaphylaxis- a severe allergic reaction- after he was administered coronavirus vaccine.

Following the tragedy, chairman of the COVID working group, Dr NK Arora said that the death re-emphasises the need to wait for 30 minutes after receiving Covid jab. Most of the anaphylactic reactions occur during this period and its timely treatment can prevent death, he said.

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