Online delivery platform Swiggy on Friday announced the "Swiggy Launchpad" initiative with a 0 per cent commission for the first month for new restaurant partners across the country who want to experience and grow their business with online food delivery.

The new initiative by Swiggy is to encourage restaurants that are new to the company to recognise online delivery as an incremental channel to kickstart their growth, according to the company.

"With 0 per cent commission for the first one month of their operations, we hope more restaurants, cloud kitchens, and other food entrepreneurs feel confident about online food delivery and take the plunge. We look forward to welcoming many new partners", Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Food Marketplace, Swiggy, said in a statement.

The company said that with this initiative, restaurant partners can potentially save up to Rs 20,000 through commissions and other benefits and choose to invest it back into their business to drive further growth.

Swiggy Launchpad wishes to establish a win-win relationship with its restaurant partner ecosystem.

Swiggy has over 2.5 lakh restaurant partners enabled on its platform on average and onboards approximately 10,000 restaurants each month.

This offer is available to all new Swiggy partners, the company stated.