Cassian Baliarsingh

Meet Francisco Rivera, who earns approximately Rs 3.8 crore annually by working only for 20 minutes a day. The 26-year-old resident from Orlando, through his passion for organic candles, has created a lucrative venture.

Now, his business has generated revenue of approximately Rs 3.8 crore in sales just within a year.

According to sources, Rivera initially worked as a part-time online tutor. However, he witnessed a decline in his demand for his tutoring services following which he decided to turn his love for candles into business. Inspired by a YouTube video, he decided to start an online business and used Canva to design his business.

Interestingly, his online model began generating profits from the start of the business. He made profits ranging between 30-50% of each sale excluding sales and marketing costs. Surprisingly, Rivera only devoted 20 minutes a day to research and design.

“I’m making more than I ever have, and doing less than I ever have,” Rivera told a media portal.

Emphasising his niche for choosing candles was its potential for growth and popularity as gift items on Etsy.