Cassian Baliarsingh

An investor has sparked a debate online on the net worth and wealth classification of people in India. The investor from India, who is currently based in Europe, shared his opinion on X that has gone viral, sparking a healthy debate.

His tweet gives a comprehensive table of wealth categories on net worth.  As per his opinion, people with Rs 10 lakh liquid net worth are ‘poor’ while those who own liquid net worth of Rs 50 lakh are ‘lower middle class’.

He made a list of the social status category as per the wealth by liquid net worth.

Taking to his X handle, he shared, “My Definition of Wealth by Liquid Net-worth: Poor: 10 Lacs, Lower Middle Class: 50 Lacs, Middle Class: 1 Cr, Upper Middle Class: 2 Cr, Rich: 5 Cr, HNI: 10 Cr, UHNI: 50 Cr, Don't Care Wealth: 200 Cr, Generational Wealth: 1000 Cr.”

He further added, “Qualifying Liquid Net worth for clarity: Liquid Net-worth = all liquid asset (those which you can liquidate and get money in 2 days) - all loans. Primary House isn't liquid Net-worth. Investment real estate and land plot can be considered but discounted by 30-50% due to illiquidity. Gold is liquid.”

As expected, his post went viral with people comparing the situation between India and Europe.

“I guess this classification is more apt for traders and businesses dealing in goods. Salaried people, real estate investors and those dealing with service sector don't need much liquidity,” a user shared.

Another user wrote, “May be “disposable assets/investment” would be more appropriate measurement. i.e. leaving out what’s being used for your living.”

“Hmmm...Time to teach ourselves and our children true values in life that is meaningful and eternal over things that are temporal and fleeting,” commented a third user.

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