Cassian Baliarsingh

She was doing well in her 14-year banking career. However, destiny had different plans. She wanted to challenge societal norms and do something to enable Indian women explore the world independently.

That’s how ‘The Flapper Life’ was born a platform designed by women, for women. Founded in 2016, The Flapper Life is a Mumbai-based travel startup dedicated to empowering women to embrace solo travel, fostering camaraderie, personal growth, and mental well-being.

Founded by Zinal Doshi, the platform endeavors to challenge societal norms and enable Indian women to explore the world independently. Recognising the societal barriers that hindered women from traveling solo, Zinal sought to create a platform that would empower women to travel independently, free from the constraints of seeking approval or companionship.


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The Flapper Life aims to cultivate a sense of community among women travelers, providing them the support and agency to explore the world on their terms. By fostering connections and camaraderie among participants, the platform not only facilitates travel but also promotes mental well-being and personal empowerment.

However, the journey to success wasn’t a cakewalk for Zinal. Despite success, Zinal encountered numerous challenges in her early stages, including establishing credibility in a competitive market and gaining the trust of potential customers. However, Zinal remained steadfast in her commitment to the vision, overcoming obstacles through persistence and determination.

The journey of The Flapper Life has been characterized by growth and resilience, with the team expanding from two to ten members.

Offering a diverse array of experiential holiday packages across India and beyond, the platform has conducted over 200 trips to destinations such as Bhutan, Meghalaya, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Chennai, Bali, Singapore, and Vietnam till now and aims to cover more countries in the future.