Mrunal Manmay Dash

As we all know Maruti does not send its cars for Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Program), there is no way of knowing the safety standards of Maruti Suzuki cars other than from its own statements.

However, a recent video shared by YouTuber Nikhil Rana instills a ray of hope in the minds of customers who have either purchased the new age Baleno 2022, or are planning to.

The video Rana has shared shows a Baleno 2022 turned turtle after hitting a divider on a busy road at over 90 kmph speed. Despite the high-speed crash, all the occupants including a senior citizen and three children escaped unhurt without even a scratch, all thanks to the car’s build quality and airbags.

While the earlier version of the car did not fare well in real-life accidents on Indian roads, the new facelift Baleno launched in 2022 is 70 kg heavier than its predecessor indicating some sturdy sheet metals used on its body.

As far as sales are concerned, the car has maintained its record by getting in the top 3 best selling cars every year since its launch in 2015. Not only a sturdy body, but the new Baleno also comes with packed features including a Heads Up Display.

Back in 2020, Maruti Suzuki stopped sending its cars for the crash tests at Global NCAP. According to the brand, they believe that their vehicles comply with all the safety regulations mandated by the Indian government, including the all-new pedestrian and offset side-impact safety norms.

Maruti Suzuki also cited that they won’t allow any third-party agency to rate their vehicles, regardless of what other manufacturers do.