Mrunal Manmay Dash

In a bone-chilling accident video, a man was mowed down by his 'automatic car' while trying to repair it. The vehicle crushed him against a closed metal shutter, leading to his death on the spot.

The disturbing video, which is now going viral on social media, shows a man trying to repair his automatic car. All of a sudden, the car starts and pins him against a metal structure presumably the shutter of a shop, killing him on the spot.

The video was shared on Twitter. The tweet along with the video reads, “Warning: If an automatic vehicle breaks down, never stand in front of the vehicle. Please warn your friends and relatives. Share this message as an example.”



However, the video and the warning statement have left the Twitterati divided. While some said, people should indeed not stand in front of an automatic (AT) car, some disagreed with it saying it must have been a manual transmission (MT) car.

A Twitter user remarked, “Seems manual vehicles are more safer by all means." Others claimed the car seems to be a manual transmission vehicle left in first gear.

“This car is not an AT but an MT. Many people put their MT cars in 1st gear without engaging the handbrake when they park it. He has forgotten the car is in gear while attempting to start the car. All modern AT cars have many safety features to prevent such incidents," wrote a user.

Another user shared own personal experience and wrote, “Sometimes with an automatic vehicle, it starts even with breaks on and it’s bloody scary. Have faced it."

As per another user, the man should have left the car in parking gear: “Always leave automatic car in parking gear. He was trying to jump start the car. Ideally, automatic car doesn’t start if it is not in parking gear. Something must be wrong with car ignition system."