Mrunal Manmay Dash

Bengaluru-based EV manufacturer Ola Electric made a major rejig in its product portfolio in terms of price and configuration.

With introduction of additional variants, the price of S1 Air now starts as low as Rs 84,999.

Ola Electric's CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said, “The company has been receiving requests to launch an Ola S1 with a smaller capacity battery for those with barely 25-30km usage in a day. This is why the company has introduced the Ola S1 with a 2kWh battery pack that offers a range of 91km as per the Indian Driving Cycle or IDC. Also, while this new entry-level S1 has the same 8.5kW motor as other S1s, its top speed is the lowest at 90kph.”

On account of a smaller 2kWh battery, S1 is priced at Rs 99,999. Shelling out additional Rs 10,000 will get you the top-spec S1 that has a 3kWh battery, an IDC range of 141km and a top speed of 95kph.

Price of new variants (Ex-Showroom):

Ola S1 with 2kwh battery – Rs 99,999

Ola S1 Air with 2kwh battery – Rs 84,999

Ola S1 Air with 3kwh battery – Rs 99,999

Ola S1 Air with 4kwh battery – Rs 109,999

The manufacturer has opened the booking window for customers on its official website for the S1 new variant. Deliveries will start from March 2023.

As per an Ola statement, the customers who had earlier booked the 2,5kwh variant of the S1 Air will be upgraded to the 3kwh variant with no extra cost.