Mrunal Manmay Dash

In India, a car is considered dependable, if it can survive harsh driving conditions and provide peace of mind in the long run. Most car owners now-a-days take dependability of the engine and suspension into account apart from efficiency, before zeroing on any model.

So, what makes a car dependable? There are three major factors that make a car reliable.

Robust build quality: Indian roads are notorious for bumps and potholes, so a dependable car needs to be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Sound suspension: A good suspension system is essential for making sure the ride is worry-free, even on the roughest roads. Don’t fall in the traps of a ‘smooth suspension’, because, a smoother suspension means a weaker suspension and it can break in tough conditions. In fact, what a car needs is a good suspension; a mix of smoothness and rigidity to offer a worry-free ride quality.

Reliable engine: An engine that can endure the stop-start traffic and dusty conditions of Indian highways is essential for a trustworthy vehicle. So make sure it checks all of these boxes if you're seeking for a dependable vehicle to drive on India's roads.

However, a 2021 India Initial Quality Study (IQS) by J.D. Power has enabled us to reduce all of these concerns to issues recorded on a scale of per-100-vehicles (PP100). A low score indicates higher quality of the vehicle as the survey counts the number of issues faced by car owners on a scale of 100.

Among the total problems cited by new-vehicle owners in India, 33% are related to noise and infotainment functionality issues, according to the J.D. Power 2021 India Initial Quality Study (IQS).

Highest-Ranking Models as per J.D. Power 2021, IQS:

Hyundai Santro ranks highest in the compact segment with 139 PP100.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis ranks highest in the upper compact segment with 157 PP100.

Hyundai Elite i20 ranks highest in the premium compact segment with 136 PP100

Hyundai Venue ranks highest in the compact SUV segment with 123 PP100.

Hyundai Creta ranks highest in the midsize SUV segment with 122 PP100

Mahindra Bolero ranks highest in the MPV / MUV segment with 99 PP100

The study measures problems experienced in two distinct categories: design-related problems and defects and malfunctions. The study includes specific diagnostic questions covering eight problem categories: exterior; driving experience; features/controls/displays; seats; audio/communication/entertainment/navigation; heating/ventilation/air conditioning; interior; and engine/transmission.

The replies of 5,421 new car owners who bought their vehicle between January and December 2021 served as the basis for the 2021 India Initial Quality Study (IQS). Due of the dire pandemic condition in India, the months of April through June 2021 were not taken into consideration. The study was conducted between September and December 2021.