Mrunal Manmay Dash

Remember Luna, the most popular moped back in the 80s? Yes, the mercurial moped manufactured by Kinetic is soon going to be relaunched in India, though in an electric avatar.

It was in production since 1972 and after 50 years of its inception, Kinetic Group has announced a revival of this iconic moped legend with a twist. The twist is that it will only be offered in an EV guise.

At a time when there is a monopoly in the moped market by TVS with XL100 being the only ICE moped in the country, the Kinetic Group is not planning to revive Luna as is with its 50cc engine.

As per an Autocar report, Kinetic Engineering has commenced production of chassis and other assemblies for the E-Luna, which is to be launched soon by its sister company Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions. KEL has developed all the major subassemblies for the E-Luna including the main chassis, main stand, side stand and swingarm and has set up a dedicated production line with an initial capacity of 5,000 sets a month.

A brand-new line of over 30 welding machines has been set up for welding these critical and other parts at the company’s Ahmednagar plant, which will also undertake full finishing and painting operations.

Kinetic Engineering had introduced the Luna fifty years ago for Rs 2,000. It quickly established itself as the most effective, cost-effective, and comfortable mode of transit in India. At its height, KEl had a 95 percent market share for mopeds and sold 2,000 Lunas per day. Before leaving the Indian market, the Luna is thought to have sold a total of 10 million units.