Mrunal Manmay Dash

Based on the outskirts of Chennai, one of the world's oldest motorcycle manufacturers, Royal Enfield (RE) has a cult following in India. Among the company's many models, the Classic 350 is one of their best-selling bikes.

While the brand sells maximum number of its bikes in India, it exports to other countries as well owing to its demand around the globe.

RE’s fan following was proved once again in a video uploaded by a Japanese Youtuber of Indian origins Ajay Pandey, who not only turned quite a few heads in Japan, but also managed to impress his Japanese girlfriend who chose it above a Honda.

The video starts with Ajay talking how he ended up buying a Royal Enfield in Japan. He initially test-drove a few motorcycles from different brands. In fact, he had ordered a Honda CB 350, just before the RE. But after riding a Royal Enfield, he immediately wanted it and placed an order cancelling the Honda. Initially, the importer had informed him that he would have to wait a few weeks for the bike, but in reality, he had to wait for a month.

He was thrilled and proud to ride the Classic 350 Signals edition that he finally purchased. He went straight to meet his friends after buying the motorcycle, and they later went for a short ride.

Interestingly, when he finally took his girlfriend out for a ride in his new motorcycle and they were riding through the country roads, he asked his girlfriend about the motorcycle. She can be heard saying that, when compared to the Honda Rebel and CB350, she was able to sit more comfortably on the Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Ajay’s girlfriend mentions that she was happy with the motorcycle but, one thing that she did not like about the Classic 350 was the exhaust. She found the motorcycle too loud when compared to other ones. However, Ajay then explains to her that the new generation Royal Enfield is a lot smoother and silent when compared to older generation. The thumping sound the older generation REs made was the signature of an RE in India.

Though it was almost Rs 1 lakh more expensive than the Honda, Ajay mentions that the Classic 350 was his dream bike and when it rolls on the Japanese roads, a feeling of pride engulfs him as an Indian.