Mrunal Manmay Dash

Owning a car has always been a dream for many Indians. While some go on to materialize that dream, there are some people who go to the next level and buy out outrageously expensive registration plates for their machines.

The craze to buy fancy numbers in India has been on the rise. Car owners have paid unbelievably high amounts for their favourite set of numbers.

Let us take a look at some of the most expensive registration plates ever bought in India.

Toyota Fortuner – Registration - 007


While the James Bond franchise created many records for itself, there is one big fan of the movie in India and his love for the character is beyond anything. In 2020, an Ahmedabad-based transporter,

Ashik PatelAshik Patel

bought a new SUV for Rs 39.5 lakh but you will be surprised to know that he paid extra Rs 34 lakh for its number plate only. Yes, you read that right. Ashik was granted vehicle registration number GJ01WA007 for his Toyota Fortuner, and for his love for James Bond, he paid the highest amount during the online bidding.

Porsche Boxster – Registration - 01


A resident from Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram,

K S Balagopal's Porsche BaxsterK S Balagopal's Porsche Baxster

, who owns a leading pharmaceuticals distribution company had paid a fortune to get a fancy registration number for his blue Porsche 718 Boxster worth Rs 1 crore. Balagopal won the bid for the registration number ‘KL-01-CK-1’, for his brand-new Miami Blue sports car by paying Rs 30 lakh in the auction held at the regional transport office (RTO), Thiruvananthapuram, in 2019.

Toyota Land Cruiser – Registration - 01

Balgopal's Land CruiserBalgopal's Land Cruiser

Balagopal is a proud owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 luxury SUV too. Exactly like his Porsche, he bought the registration plate - 01 – for his Land Cruiser too. As per reports, he had spent almost Rs 18 lakh for that number plate. The registration number on K. S. Balagopal’s and Cruiser is KL 01 CB 0001.

Jaguar XJ L – Registration - 01

Jaguar XJ LJaguar XJ L

The Jaguar XJ L was the brand's premier sedan. The owner of the XJ L in this image makes it unique in addition to its unique registration number. Successful businessman Rahul Taneja began his career as an auto-rickshaw driver. His Jaguar XJ L has the most costly registration plate in Jaipur. He had spent almost Rs 16 lakh on the RJ 45 CG 0001 number.

BMW 5 – Registration - 01

Rahul Taneja has a BMW 5 series in his garage too. And that car has the same 01 registration number that has come at a reported cost of Rs 10.31 lakh.