Mrunal Manmay Dash

With thousands of road mishaps occurring every day in India, the safety of the vehicle becomes paramount while buying. And when it comes to vehicle safety and build quality, buyers usually look up to the GNCAP safety ratings to make their buying decisions.

As far as Global NCAP crash tests are concerned, Tata Motors is among the few manufacturers in India that boasts 5-Star safety rating. Almost all its vehicle including the Nexon has a 5-star GNACP rating making them one of the safest cars to drive in India. Similarly, some vehicles of Mahindra and Mahindra too have secured 5 stars and 4 stars in GNCAP.

However, when two cars collide, people tend to assume their strength and sturdiness by the damages they incur on each other and the GNCAP safety ratings. But this is not always right.

In this latest post from Raftaar 7811 on YouTube, a Tata Nexon (GNCAP 5 Star) tests the build quality of a Mahindra Thar (GNCAP 4 Star). As per the information in the video, this took place somewhere in Maharashtra. The driver of the Thar had to apply a sudden brake due to some reason. However, the Nexon driver behind the Thar was unable to react quickly enough. As a result, it hits the rear end of the Thar.

Thankfully, the impact was not at a very high speed. As a result, the damage on both vehicles was minimal. Also, there were no injuries reported to anyone.

While the rear section of the Thar bore some minor scratches including the bumper and spare tyre, the front fascia of the Nexon received some dents too includes the bumper and bonnet. But the damage to the Nexon looked a bit more than what the Thar had to bear despite Thar receiving a star less in the GNCAP.

However, is this the real benchmark for the safety of any vehicle? It should not be. Because when you compare the safety of any vehicle by crashing, it should be tested in the same environment and exactly the same way.

For example, if Nexon and Thar are to be pitted against each other then they both should be crashed from the front or from the rear for that matter to see how they fare in terms of safety and sturdiness.

But in this case, the Nexon hit the Thar from the rear. The Thar, like any other off roader has bars on its bumper and a spare wheel on its back, making its rear sturdier than the front of the Nexon or any car for that matter, which is usually a bit more fragile.

Having said that, this is a perfect example of careless driving. When we are plying on the roads, it is imperative that we are always vigilant. Many road crashes happen due to the carelessness of the drivers.