Mrunal Manmay Dash

Vehicle subscription or vehicle lease as it is called in western countries is a relatively new concept in our country, but it has managed to garner enthusiasm among car lovers. While owning a vehicle has always been a matter of prestige in India, the concept of vehicle subscription has found popularity recently since its launch last year by Maruti Suzuki.

A car subscription allows you to essentially rent or lease a vehicle from an automaker for a specific period of time. At the end of the period, you have the option to either return the vehicle, upgrade to a new one or purchase it.

It is particularly beneficial for people who do not want to shell out a bulk of their money on buying a car that they intend to use for some months or a few years. For those looking at making the most out of a shorter ownership period, here are seven reasons why your next Maruti Suzuki car should be a subscription.

Flexible Tenure Option

Maruti Suzuki Subscription offers a minimum period of 12 months for owners wanting to own a vehicle for a short period of time. It also offers customers the flexibility to choose a tenure of their choice ranging from 12 months to 48 months.

12, 24, 36 & 48 month tenures are offered on the White Plate Subscription. And 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, & 48 month tenures are offered on Black Plate Subscription.


An all-inclusive monthly fee covers complete maintenance, services and repairs coverage (scheduled and unscheduled) including parts and consumables, Zero Depreciation Insurance, 24x7 Roadside Assistance and vehicle on-road cost.

Zero resale hassles

After the tenure comes to an end, the subscriber can simply return the car at their convenience. There is no hassle of reselling it if they do not want to use the vehicle anymore.

Zero Down Payment

The Maruti Suzuki Subscription's zero down payment plan ensures the consumer needs minimal expense to own a brand new vehicle. This plan includes a processing fee, security deposit and the first month's subscription fee. The total amount is far less when compared to the down payment you would otherwise make when purchasing a vehicle. In several cases, the monthly subscription amount would be cheaper than the EMI on a loan, so the consumers can consider a car from a segment higher if your budget permits.

Keep Up With the Trends

Given the flexibility of choosing the subscription tenure, buyers have the option to drive a new and trending vehicle every couple of years. Maruti Suzuki Subscription will keep adding newer models to its platform, so buyers can upgrade to newer and more advanced cars. For those who love that new car smell, this is quite the ideal way to enjoy that for the longest time possible. All cars under Maruti Suzuki Subscription are brand new and also come with a host of colours to choose from.