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Today marks solar month Cancer 20th day. Srabana sukla pakshya 04 aug  thursday

Tithi – Sasthi after 05.41 am Saptami

Moon shine – Virgo after 06.39 am  Libra

Malignant moon – Taurus till 06.39 am 

Malignant Diurnal – Libra , Aquarius

Pushkara dosha – After 05.41 am eka pada  , to santi puja

Auspicious Time 
05.27 am to 07.09 am
10.35 am  to 01.09 pm
 02.29  pm  to 03.13 pm

Inauspicious  Time
Rahu kalam – 01.29 pm  to 03.05 pm
Kala bela – 03.05 pm  to 04.41pm
Vara bela – 04.41 pm to 06.18 pm
Kala ratri – 02.29 am  to 03.13 am

Zodiac readings for the day: 


Aswini – You will be filled with positive energy.
Dwija – Your loved or relatives will seek financial help.
Krutika- You will get success in important work.
Remedy – Offer some food to cow.



Krutika – You will give treat to your partner.
Rohini – You might meet someone who will bring a change in your life.
Mrugashira – You will be physically fit and mentally at peace.
Remedy – Chant Sukra Gayatri Mantra.



Mrugashira – Be cautious while discussing marriage related works.
Adra – You might end up spending more while purchasing articles for home.
Punarbasu – Possibility of trouble at workplace.
Remedy – Offer some guavas to children in morning.



Punarbasu – Some might have to travel to town/cities for work.
Pushya – All hurdles in getting bank related loans will be resolved.

Aslesa – Everybody will be happy at home.
Remedy – Wear white clothes.



Magha – You will bring some changes in business.
Purbafalguni – You might get some indication about life/future path. 
Uttarafalguni – You can get peace and prosperity by keeping house clean.
Remedy – Start day by offering red-marigold to Lord Vishnu.


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