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We are some days away from indulging in festivities. Already, a lot of people have started preparations for upcoming Durga Puja and other festivals. Many are also trying their best to bring in some positivity in their lives and are seeking help from experts.

Mrs. Minati Purohit (M.A) Jyotish Maharshi has done a comprehensive prediction for all the zodiac signs on what the month of October will bring for them.

Here is a quick look on all the zodiacs.

Aries: There is possibility of a loss of money and honour. You will see a rise in anxiety. Health issues will crop up in this month. You will feel detached from family members. However, things will improve in the second half of the month.

Taurus: The month of October will bring in mixed results. There is a possibility of a gain in wealth. You will receive gifts but expenses will increase. Chances of ill health, danger from fire, accident or weapona. You will get success in work and promotion is also likely this month.

Gemini: You will feel slightly demotivated as there is a possibility in dip in happiness at domestic front. You might feel surrounded by financial worries and increase in expenditure. There is also a possibility of change of place. You will be worried over health of your life partner.

Cancer: The October month will bring in good health, promotion and peace. You might have some trouble in journey. There will be some anxiety and bad relationship with friends and relatives. The health of family members will also disturb.

Leo: You need to be careful as there are chances of accident. There will be some loss in wealth and increase in anxiety. However, you will find success in career and chances of promotion. You will be victorious against enemies.

Virgo: After all it is time to enjoy some peace as the overall situation at family will be satisfactory. There will be some happiness due to birth of a child or acquisition of a new vehicle. Chances of increase in expenditure, blood pressure. Your mind will be unsteady.

Libra: There are chances of loss of wealth, health issues and unhappiness due to enemies in the month of October. You will be troubled by blood related diseases and chances of accident. Advice, pray to Durga for protection.

Scorpio: You will gain in wealth and overall health will improve. You will also get success in new undertakings and will overpower enemies. You will gain new position. Your expenses will increase in the month of October.

Sagittarius: You will be successful at work. Chances of gaining some luxury item. You will also gain from politics. However, false acquisition will put you in trouble.

Capricorn: Promotion of change in job likely in October. Chances of undertaking a long journey/distance, loss of wealth, ill health this month. There might be some increase in expenditure and a rise in the number of enemies.

Aquarius: There might be chances of hospitalisation or loss of wealth Though you will get success, you will face some issues on the family front. Chances of picking up enmity with some elders.

Pisces: You might gain from unexpected property or position. You will be worried due to rise in expenditure, ungainful journey, failure in undertakings. You will feel depressed this month. Chances of some health issues like stomach and urinary problems.

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