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There seems to be some uneasiness among the people owing to various reasons in their personal lives. A lot of people might be finding hard to coope up with the present situations.

This perhaps has made them to seek some guidance from experts, be it astrology, numerology or other mediums. Mrs. Minati Purohit (M.A.) Jyotish Maharshi has done a comprehensive prediction of all the zodiac signs on what the month of July will bring for them.


There is possibility of loss in finance in the first half of the month. You may face health issues due to fire, poison or accidents. Things likely to improve in the second phase of the month with possibilities of property gain.


The month of July will give good results. Chances bright for promotion and success in every field. You will earn respect and honour with chances of new job opportunities. However, there is possibility of some financial loss.

Gemini: You need to be careful as far as health is concerned. You may feel disturbed and at the same time trouble is also possible from enemies.


The July month will bring mixed results. There are chances for marriage or any auspicious function at home. You will get promotion but the phase will not be favourable.

Leo: Possibility of ill health or any blood related issues. Though you might take up journey, it will be troublesome. There will be work pressure and separation from family also likely. You might get new position in your profession.


You will have disturbances at family front with some disturbance with life partner. You will victorious against enemies and health will be normal.


Your overall expenditure is going to be high this month. At the same time, you will be burdened due to some financial loss. Your anxiety level will rise leading to some health issues as well.


You will face some trouble from children which might lead to some disturbances within the family. There will be lack of peace and setback in educational front. You may get some good news as well.


Your health will be at best in July. You will defeat enemies easily. However, loss of relatives and wealth might disturb you. The overall month will yield mixed results.


Change of place likely with possibility of loss in wealth/finance in the month of July. You might feel troubled due to failures in undertakings.

Aquarius: You will get new position and rise in status. There will be overall happiness in family with gain in wealth. There might be some fear/uneasiness due to enemies. The overall month will yield mixed results.


Health will be disturbed with chances of hospitalisation. There will loss of finances and disturbances in family.

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