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On November 8, Tuesday, Purnima of Kartik month, the total lunar eclipse will be visible in Odisha as well as India. The lunar eclipse will start at the same time in different places in Odisha and the eclipse will also end at the same time. This astronomical event will start at 2.39 pm and will end at 6.19 pm. 

For this, from nine hours before the lunar eclipse, i.e. on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, from 5.39 am, Dev niti (work related to god and pooja) will be prohibited. Paka Tyaga (food consumption) will be forbidden between 5.39 am and 6.19 pm on that day. Any kind of food consumption will be prohibited during these hours. Children, old people, and sick people will have no restrictions and can consume food. Pregnant women should not look at the eclipse and remain within the house, they should remember Lord Vishnu and Jagannath while keeping a coconut in their lap.

If in case, anyone’s shradh (death anniversary) falls on this day, Pind Dan should be done with fruits, roots and dry things, among others. 
This astronomical event will be auspicious for Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. People of other zodiac signs should not gaze at the lunar eclipse. People of Aries zodiac sign should take special precautions.

Know How Your Day Will Be On November 8 As Per Your Zodiac Signs


Your life partner may be suspicious because of your busy day-to-day work. Avoid futile arguments and arguments with other people. Your workload will increase at the workplace. For a third person, there may be a conflict with your friend. Try to keep your wealth in control.


Your wife's non-cooperation in the family and family resistance can hinder your work. Improper communication can cause problems even though there is no shortage or dilemma. You may feel disturbed Due to the enmity of your close ones. You will face problems if you don’t pay attention to your health. Your financial crisis will continue.


You will get what you have been thinking about since a few days. By getting the help of a friend, your mental condition will recover. You will achieve success in land transactions and religious work from government sources. You will attain mental peace temporarily due to financial improvement and progress in your desired work.


You will provide the required support for the achievement of the desired work. You obtain expected results in the industry, business, and transport. You will get the promise of getting the legitimate property. You will feel elated due to travel and fulfilment of work with the support of your relatives. Your high psychic abilities will help you to fight your inability.


You can get rid of your problems only with positive thinking. Life will be very easy in your home and you will have no difficulty impressing your family members. You will be rewarded for your hard as your position may improve. You will get good financial benefits. With your presence of mind and by applying intelligence, you will achieve your work at the workplace.


Invest money thinking about the future. Emphasize your family issues. Avoid any type of talk with your lover today that would hurt her, it may hurt you as well. Not focusing on important tasks and getting caught up in unnecessary tasks can invite huge problems. You will have to face competition in the field of art and literature.


A self-improvement plan can bring you many benefits. The arrival of wealth can solve many of your financial problems today. Use your free time to decorate your house. You will get compliments from people in prosperous fields. You will spend some time with your childhood friends. You will be able to repay your loan if you have borrowed from someone.


You will feel proud of your children. You will show interest in doing religious charity. Financial streams and businesses will get information on incoming wealth from various sources. You will get respect from your younger brothers and sisters. There will be a radical change in your fortune. You may get help from your friends. You may purchase new vehicles.


You may become more generous. Your language will be sweet and your manners will be polite. You will get reports of achieving success from meditation. Your interest in secret knowledge will grow. You will remain healthy and well. You will be honoured at the government level. You may get a royal treasure. You will achieve success in every work. Your wisdom will pave the path to achieving targets. You may buy home appliances.


You may show concern due to the loss of relationships with friends. Ylu may get into trouble in political and organizational fields. At work, you may express irritation without understanding something properly. Due to emotional stress, your morale may get very low. You may face a lot of troubles in today's journey to achieve the desired results.


Your morale will boost and you will get motivated by getting government support. Your social prestige will increase. Businessmen can improve their financial situation and solve problems by expanding their dominance. You will achieve success in many tasks due to good relations with your friends. Your health condition will remain good after getting rid of old diseases.


Your family problems will be resolved and you will move ahead with high expectations. Due to the full cooperation of all, your respect at social institutions will increase and you will attain peace of mind. There is a possibility of earning profit in commission work. You will achieve success in legal-related work. Lovers will achieve success in love. Today will be good for administration work.