Deepak Acharya

The planet Jupiter is transiting in Aries after 12 years today. Hence, a conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun is going to be formed in Aries. As per experts, Jupiter is a planet of growth and can give positive results to a person depending on its position in birth chart.

The Jupiter transit or the Guru gochar in Aries will affect the lives of all 12 zodiac signs. Here is a comprehensive prediction by Astrologer Deepak Acharya on the Jupiter transit and its impact on all the 12 zodiacs.

Aries: There could be some minor health problems or issues. There is a possibility of a new job or transfer. During this phase, you may also plan to start a new business. However, there may be some fear in the mind regarding the real estate business or personal property.

Taurus: During the Jupiter transit, there could be some physical ailments. However, it will be mild. You need to be careful regarding finances as you may face problems due to increase in expenses. Women may face various problems in the field of employment.

Gemini: It will be a favourable period for you. You will be physically fit and mentally relaxed. You will also overcome enemies. There will be substantial increase in honour, reputation and chances of promotion. Those in the field of education will also excel. You will also be able to recover money.

Cancer: During this phase, one should take care of body. You also need to be careful of colleagues at workplace as they might try to put you into trouble. There could be some dispute between partners and relationship might suffer to some extent. There could be some tension in family as well.

Leo: All the physical hardships will be removed during this transit. Most of the frustration that had crept at work place will also go away. You are likely to see growth in personality and reputation. Time will also be good for financial gain and prosperity. All the concerns related to children may be removed.

Virgo: You may feel some health issues along with pain in the chest. There is possibility to suffer loss in business. There could be some circumstances which might force to sell land. Own people might create problems for you.

Libra: There may be improvement in health and you will benefit from this transit. Overall business will improve and wealth will increase. You will also be able to register success in some new work and establish relations with many prominent people.

Scorpio: You may have to face some urinary tract disease/ infection. During this phase, you might have to undertake unnecessary travel. There are chances that unnecessary expenses might increase. There is also a possibility of rise in enmity due to some misunderstanding including at home. You might get accused without fault or reason.

Sagittarius: All the suffering that you were facing since long will get resolves. You are also likely to make great progress in business. There is possibility that couples will be blessed with children. Time will also be perfect to buy new land or vehicle.

Capricorn: Problems related to eyes might trouble you. The students might not be able to concentrate in class and studies. You might land into trouble while thinking bad for others. Hence, you need to remain careful and alert.

Aquarius: There could be several problems as far as health is concerned. You might have to face some mental issues due to betrayal by others. You might also have to face some issues after falling victim to false temptations. There will be some problems related to property as well.

Pisces: All the physical problems that you were facing might disappear. During the transit, there will be increase in happiness and you will also register success in various fields. There are chances that you will get promotion and respect at workplace. The students will also perform well in exams.