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Odishatv Bureau

Are you anxious to know how you are going to spend your day today? Here we bring the Astro predictions for August 15. Know if you need to remain alert today as per your zodiac sign or not.



Ashwini: You will earn wealth from business.

Dwija: Your colleagues will prove to be helpful.

Krutika: If you are planning for a job change, today will be a lucky day for you.

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman.



Krutika: Keep your mind stable and peaceful while doing any work.

Rohini: You will most likely experience happiness in your family.

Mrugasira: Your interest in different social works will likely to increase.

Remedy: Chant Maa Kamala's Gayatri Mantra.



Mrugasira: You will express your thoughts buried deep in your mind.

Adra: You will likely get the chance to earn profits in life. 

Purnavasu: Your rivals will maintain distance from you.

Remedy: Worship Lord Dattatreya and chant relevant mantras.



Purnavasu: You will likely get late to the office as you will remain preoccupied with household chores.

Pushya: You may not get the expected results of your hard work. 

Aslesha: You will likely get stressed after failing to repay debt. 

Remedy: Put on Maa Bhubaneswari's Mahakavach.



Magha: Students should focus on their studies being secluded.

Purva Falguni: You may likely get worried thinking of the problems of other persons. 

Uttara Falguni: You will most likely remain preoccupied with domestic work.

Remedy: Chant 'Aum Hring hring Rang Raamaya Namaha' (ଓଁ ହ୍ରୀଂ ହ୍ରୀଂ ରାଂ ରାମାୟ ନମଃ)



Uttara Falguni: You will most likely get a solution to the impending problems.

Hasta: Women most likely have a great chance of getting an excellent job offer. 

Chitra: For your jolly nature, you will fill fun and entertainment in the ambience.

Remedy: Chant mantra of Maa Tripura Sundari.



Chitra: You will give high efforts to expand your reach and contacts.

Swati: Difference of opinion will most likely get resolved.

Bisakha: Trip related to new business will be profitable. 

Remedy: Visit any temple of Lord Shiva for darshan.



Visakha: You will discuss some important matters with your family members.

Anuradha: Students are advised to ditch lazy attitude.

Jyestha: Remain cautious while making financial transactions.

Remedy: Chant 'Aum Nrung Nrung Nrung Nrusinghaya Namaha' (ଓଁ ନୃଂ ନୃଂ ନୃଂ ନୃସିଂହାୟ ନମଃ  )



Mula: Some important work will be completed fast.

Purva Sadha: Relationship with your life partner will strengthen.

Uttara Sadha: Your salary may be hiked today as your higher official will remain happy with you.

Remedy: Worship Lord Rama.



Uttara Sadha: You may have lunch/dinner with your close friend in a restaurant.

Shravana: You may likely get the pending funds in business.

Dhanistha: If you are a teacher, you will find a new path to earning.

Remedy: Put on Maa Kali's jantrika Mahakavach.



Dhanistha: Don't trust any unknown person.

Satavikhya: You will likely face troubles in work because of fluctuation.

Purvabhadrapada: Ride vehicles with high alertness.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa.



Purbabhadrapada: Love birds will spend time together.

Uttarabhadrapada: You will focus on completing important work first.

Revati: You will give efforts to associate with a new group in business.

Remedy: Put on Shri Vishnu's Jantrika Mahakavach.


(By Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya

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