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  • Horoscope for August 12: These zodiacs must watch while putting money in real estate

Horoscope for August 12: These zodiacs must watch while putting money in real estate

Read on to know your astrological predictions as per your Rashi and Nakshatra sign for August 12

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Zodiac sign plays a very crucial role in almost all aspects of our life. Every sign has its own set of characteristics. If you are eager to know about your wealth, investment plan and financial success, read the astrological predictions for August 12.



Ashwini: You will solve your problem by presence of mind.

Dwija: You will get paid in proportion to your hard work. 

Krutika: Money and respect will come from the direction you hoped for.

Remedy: Wear red colour clothes.




Krutika: You will be respected by others for your dedication to duty.

Rohini: Behave politely with all.

Mrugasira: Invest money in real estate carefully.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Mahalaxmi




Mrugasira: Be careful even if your friend praises you. 

Adra: Be careful about food and drink. 

Purnavasu: You may fall into confusion and become a victim of fraud.

Remedy: Chant Lord Ganesh Gayatri Mantra.




Purnavasu: You are likely to bring home valuables. 

Pushya: Your long-standing wish may get fulfilled. 

Aslesha: You are likely to receive good news. 

Remedy: Seek blessings of elders after waking up in morning.




Magha: You may get attracted to woman.

Purva Falguni: Women are likely to spend time discussing about guests.

Uttara Falguni: Authorities will entrust you with big responsibility.

Remedy: Recite Mahamrityunjay mantra




Uttara Falguni: With patience and persistence, you will move towards achieving the goal.

Hasta: Housewives will show dedication towards their duty. 

Chitra: Start work on time and you will get success.

Remedy: Use green coloured clothes 




Chitra: There may be an increase in opponents at workplace.

Swati: There will be failure, fear and apprehension in work.

Bisakha: There will be a delayed process in good work.

Remedy: Recite Mahalakshmi Gayatri.




Visakha: The day will be good for politicians.

Anuradha: There will be improvement in persisting physical problems.

Jyestha: There will be no dearth of money and respect.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa.




Mula: You will be respected by others for your dedication to duty.

Purva Sadha: Will be happy to find the thing you are looking for.

Uttara Sadha: Will get success in business.

Remedy: Seek blessings from elders.




Uttara Sadha: You may go out with girlfriend.

Shravana: You will be lost in wonderful imagination.

Dhanistha: There will be progress in business.

Remedy: Feed black-colored dogs.




Dhanistha: You will get work done by spending money in business. 

Satavikhya: You may meet with sudden accident.

Purvabhadrapada: You may face humiliation while doing good to others.

Remedy: Recite Lord Shani's Gayatri matra.




Purbabhadrapada: You will get success by working in a disciplined manner.

Uttarabhadrapada: Married life will be spent in love.

Revati: The day will bring happiness to your generosity.

Remedy: Use yellow colour clothes 

Horoscope readings by Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya

Contact him on 0674-3527219 or 9238397100

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