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Odishatv Bureau

Life is full of uncertainty, but there are signposts that can help you reach where you always wanted to be by riding on a good sail and overcoming tides. And, horoscope is the best way to spot those signposts. 

So if you are wondering how the stars are aligned for you today, we bring you your general horoscope readings based on your zodiac sign (rashi) and nakshatra.



Ashwini: You will start a new work with suggestion from a friend.

Dwija: You will achieve success in all your endeavours.

Krutika: You may get some wealth suddenly.

Remedy/For good luck – Chant Hanuman Chalisha.



Krutika: Women will be successful.

Rohini: You will develop physically and mentally.

Mrugasira: You will get success amid slow pace in work.

Remedy/For good luck – Worship Goddess Kamala (Goddess Laxmi).



Mrugasira: You may not be able to keep your commitment.

Adra: Relationship may be bitter with father.

Purnavasu: You will be criticised for poking your nose into the affairs of others.

Remedy/For good luck- Chant mantra of Goddess Tripura Sundari.



Purnavasu: Your behaviour may hurt others. 

Pushya: You will be extravagant against your wish,

Aslesha: You may face bottlenecks at work.

Remedy/For good luck- Wear Goddess Bhubaneswari Jantrika Mahakabacha.



Magha: You will achieve success and respect.

Purva Falguni: Couple will enjoy sweet relationship.

Uttara Falguni: You will be successful in politics and get a good position because of your organisational capacity .

Remedy/For good luck- Wear Matangi’s Jantra Maha Kabacha.



Uttara Falguni: You will complete an unfinished work with help from a stranger.

Hasta: Women will get respect.

Chitra: Trust in relationship will grow. 

Remedy/For good luck- Chant Shri Vishnu’s Mantra.



Chitra: You may misunderstand others under certain circumstances. 

Swati: You might be duped in property deal.

Bisakha: You may face tough competition in business and transportation.

Remedy/For good luck- Visit Lord Shiv temple and chant his mantra.



Bisakha: You will get help from colleagues at workplace. 

Anuradha: Scarcity will be snapped out.

Jyeshtha: Your health condition will improve.

Remedy/For good luck- Worship Lord Nursingha and chant his mantra.



Mula: You may get an opportunity for a long journey. 

Purva Sadha:  You will play a leadership role in positive work.

Uttara Sadha:  Problems will be solved mutually.

Remedy/For good luck- Wear Jantrika Mahakabacha of Goddess Tara.



Uttara Sadha: Be careful in day-to-day matters. 

Shravana: Taxpayers will feel stress.

Dhanistha: Complaints might be lodged against you at administrative level. Women may be blamed.

Remedy/For good luck- Worship Lord Shiva.



Dhanistha: Your problems will be solved by a woman friend of a higher level.

Shatabhisha: You will achieve success with adventurous effort.

Purvabhadrapada:  You will get help from others in the political sphere.

Remedy/For good luck- Wear Goddess Dakhina Kali’s Mahakabacha



Purvabhadrapada: Hurdles in legal matters will be cleared.

Uttarabhadrapada: Relationships will improve and family life will be prosperous.

Revati: Students will concentrate on their studies.

Remedy/For good luck- Chant thousand names of Lord  Shri Vishnu.

(By  Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya)

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