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Odishatv Bureau

Life is full of uncertainty, but there are signposts which can help you reach where you always wanted to be by riding on good sail and overcoming tides. And horoscope is the best way to spot those signposts. 

So if you are wondering how the stars are aligned for you today, we bring you your general horoscope readings based on your zodiac sign (rashi) and nakshatra.



Ashwini: Religious vibes will be on your mind today

Bharani: You will be happy helping others

Krutika: Stars indicate success at workplace

Remedy/For good luck – Step out of house after having sweet


Krutika: Anxiety will remain high

Rohini: Love affairs may see setback

Mrugasira: Business will fly

Remedy/For good luck – Wear something white 



Mrugasira: Health may go down

Adra: Ride safely or you may suffer accident

Purnavasu: Ladies, misunderstanding with elders on cards

Remedy/For good luck- Chant Budh Gayatri Mantra



Purnavasu: Marital feud if any will dissipate 

Pushya: You can plan to buy a new vehicle

Aslesha- Land disputes will see end

Remedy/For good luck- A shade of white wear will greatly help


Magha: Children's activities may disturb you

Purva Falguni:  Leadership in organization will bring accolades

Uttara Falguni: Beware!! You may lose something valuable 

Remedy/For good luck- Offer water to Lord Surya



Uttara Falguni: New job offer on the horizon

Hasta: Day will be financially fruitful, tighten purse strings

Chitra: You may plan a holiday excursion 

Remedy/For good luck- Offer Durva grass to Lord Ganesh



Chitra: You will complete a long-pending work 

Swati: You might seek advice from a friend for auspicious work at home

Bisakha: Success is predicted in sports sector

Remedy/For good luck- Chant the Mahalakshmi Ashtakam



Bisakha: Day will be full of hassles 

Anuradha: Those in field of art and literature will earn compliments

Jyeshtha: Stomach problems will trouble due to irregular eating habits

Remedy/For good luck- Chant Hanuman Chalisha



Mula: Lack of commitment may lead to loss of work 

Purva Sadha: Maintain caution while riding vehicle

Uttara Sadha:  Others will fail to understand way of your work irrespective of how good it is

Remedy/For good luck- Seek blessings from elders



Uttara Sadha: You will complete all work as per plan 

Shravana: Time with friends will be cheerful

Dhanistha: Day will be full of entertainment for women 

Remedy/For good luck- Blue colour dress will benefit



Dhanistha: You might dedicate more time to religious purpose

Shatabhisha: Keep your eyes and ears open, especially on your close ones 

Purvabhadrapada:Health of elders will trouble you

Remedy/For good luck- Mahadev Darshan will help


Purvabhadrapada: Good leadership will bring success in politics

Uttarabhadrapada: People in field of journalism will excel

Revati: Plan for a new house, land might take shape

Remedy/For good luck- Chant Shri Vishnu Gayatri Mantra

(By  Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya)

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