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Odishatv Bureau

Eager to know what the stars hold for you in terms of your love life, career, business and personal wellness today. Read on to know your astrological predictions as per your zodiac sign for May 29.



Ashwini: Your health condition will develop and you will be able to complete the pending task.

Dwija: You are like to visit pilgrim sites.

Krutika: Your income will increase and enemies will face defeat.

Remedy: Feed roti made up of wheat and sugar to red dogs.



Krutika: You are likely to get be busy with worshipping god and goddess.

Rohini: You may not be accepted by your seniors at workplace.

Mrugasira: Chances of inflow of cash.

Remedy: Feed red colour cows for good fortune.



Mrugasira: You will be happy to join auspicious event.

Adra: You will continue to earn like what you were earning in the past.

Purnavasu: Children will be inclined towards good habits.

Remedy: Chant Gayatri Mantra of Goddess Tripura Sundari.



Purnavasu: Your health and mind will be steady.

Pushya: You may face Goddess Laxmi’s irk in business.

Aslesha: You will be loved at your workplace.

Remedy: Pack raw rice and sugar candy in a white piece of cloth and immerse in water.  



Magha: You will face financial crunch.

Purva Falguni: Your children will remain doubtful.

Uttara Falguni: Disturbance in family will continue.

Remedy:  Chant mula mantra of Lord Ram



Uttara Falguni: You will like to lose something today

Hasta: You are likely to be transferred in your office

Chitra: Women will be tensed for their children

Remedy: Chant Tripura Sundari mantra



Chitra: You will get help of others.

Swati: There will be happiness and joy all around.

Bisakha: Your circle will increase if you are in politics.

Remedy: Wear white colour clothes for good fortune.



Visakha: You will try to establish your own ideology.

Anuradha: You will get desired result in arts and commerce.

Jyestha: You will cherish your family and love relationships.

Remedy: Offer puja to Lord Nrusingha.



Mula: You will make enemies in your workplace.

Purva Sadha: You will be busy with an important task.

Uttar Sadha: You will be under mental stress.

Remedy: Offer something to Brahmin for to fulfil your desires.



Uttara Sadha: You will develop a relationship with your top official. 

Shravana: You will be benefited in your business.

Dhanistha: Your moral will get strengthened.

Remedy: Dump a small bottle filled with honey.



Dhanistha: You will be successful if you do things cautiously. 

Satavikhya: Students will be praised.

Purbabhadrapada: You be able to solve your problem.

Remedy:  Read Hanuman Chalisa.



Purbabhadrapada: You are likely to face huge loss.

Uttarabhadrapada: You will not have a good day with your colleagues. 

Revati: You may suffer loss and face criticism. 

Remedy: Chand Bishnu Sahasra Nama for better results.

(By Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya)

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